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2016-06-04 :

✪ Live-Concerts:
   10th June - Campusparty Saarbrücken Wohnheim-E
   11th June - Stadtfest St. Wendel
   2nd July - Stadtfest St. Ingbert

✪ Meet the New !!!
✪ 20DD - SOUNDCLOUD is up!
✪ VIDEO: Last Chance
    & Resumee TTR-Voting

✪ Albumpresentation "What would you Say"

✪ Live-Concerts:

Picture of the SAARLAND-TOUR-flyer 2016

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✪ May we proudly Introduce - 20 Days Dull:
This is the new crew! We've been working sooo hard in the past months to get this back to a real band... So were happy to announce these permanent Members!

Bandpicture of 20 Days Dull - 2016 Thomas, Steffen, Marco and Andrej

❤ 20DD

✪ 20DD - SOUNDCLOUD is up!:
20 Days Dull is now also available on SOUNDCLOUD, listen to the full Album or listen again to theClassic Rock Radio Interview,uncut and in full length.

✪ VIDEO: Last Chance & Resumee TTR-Voting:
Finaly reunited,
we are heading for great goals this year!

We reached only the 7th Place at the bandcontest for playing Rocco del Schlacco 2015 in Püttlingen, but that's okay as we encountered so much interrest and empathy for what we are doing. Thus for we just can say THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING US!!!!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU!!!

For all to celebrate again - the video that should have paved the way for us to Rocco del Schlacko... Last Chance!

✪ Albumpresentation "What would you Say":
"What would you Say" from 20 Days Dull sounds like a rhythm guitar playing consistent harmonic adds contra an melodic guitar that provides wounderfull melodical lines, whilst a set of different voices ranging over all different moods starting from sugar sweet dreamly harmonies up to hard shouting parts merge to wonderfull Punk-Rock songs.

The album follows an overall concept regarding the typical problems people as you and me undergoe in everyday life such as prejudices, loss of self-assurance, deprivation, living in a community, or like sacrificing yourself for others. It wants to create empathy for the situation in which people are,... so for example the title track "What would you say" concludes that you must have walked in another ones shoes before you could blame his deeds.

It's great how all the songs of the album highlight different aspects and each has different qualities whilst neither of them is less or more important. What counts is the sum of all the different parts provided by each and every song of the album. There are no COMPROMIZES to make the album more "customer-friendly" or more likeable - it is just unfiltered and pure representing the band as it is. It's honest and straight forward and for that unique, as the hearer has to decide if he loves it or hates it - there is no inbetween concerning this album. You should listen for yourself and decide!

Hearing it is a must!

20 Days Dull - "What would you Say" is in stores since December 2013.

(Listed at Amazon, I-Tunes, Spotify, and others)


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